Technical Training Center

Welcome to the Silver Lake Soccer Academy’s Technical Training Center (TTC) – a state-of-the-art indoor training facility that embodies the culmination of a rich history dating back to 1970 and the shared vision of past, present, and future leaders of our nonprofit soccer club.

Our Collective Vision: The TTC stands as a testament to our collective vision—to provide our players and families with an unparalleled soccer experience at an affordable cost. More than just honing soccer skills, our mission extends to instilling qualities essential for success in life.

TTC Highlights: The creation of the TTC was a meticulous two-year process and we are thrilled to present the following highlights that make the TTC a one-of-a-kind facility:

  • The Dr. Nigrin Family Welcome Lounge: A warm and inviting space at the front entrance.
  • Merchandise Shop: Promoting our club’s brand, connecting players to our identity.
  • Parent Waiting Area: A comfortable space for families to support their aspiring athletes.
  • History Wall: A tribute to our club’s storied past and the journey that led to the TTC.
  • Shoe Passback Program: Fostering a sense of community by sharing gear among our players.
  • Employment Opportunities: Providing high school players with valuable work experiences.
  • The Jack Hynes Performance and Recovery Area: An area dedicated to enhancing player performance and well-being.
  • SAQ Area, Yoga Mats, Rondos: Spaces for agility, strength, and technical development.
  • Athletics Performance Program by Steve Barth: A specialized program for physical and mental  well-being.
  • Treadmill and Peloton: Expanding our offerings for comprehensive training and recovery.
  • Turf Playing Field: Boasting a state-of-the-art indoor artificial turf for year-round play.
  • Rebound Wall: A dedicated space for technical development through ball and wall exercises.
  • Friday Night Tiki-Take League: Creating a fun and competitive environment for players.
  • Conference Room Named After Frank Cannizzaro: Honoring a visionary leader in our club’s history.
  • Media Room & Event Center: A dual-purpose space for celebrations, meetings, and events.

A Space Beyond Structure: The TTC represents more than a physical facility; it is a space for our soccer community to unite, celebrate our history, and plan for the future. It is the heartbeat of our soccer family—a place where memories are created, skills are honed, and victories are celebrated.



Thank you to the Kaminski Family for donating this beautiful piece of our Clubs Crest. Be sure to visit Nick Kaminski’s website to view personalized items available for purchase.