Private Training

Silver Lake Soccer Academy is proud to announce the commencement of our Private Training Sessions at the Silver Lake Technical Training Center located at 4220 Arthur Kill Road.  Each session will have a maximum of ten participants, will be age appropriate and conducted by some of our most experienced trainers.  Each session will be $25.00.  Please check the link below weekly for our training sessions. When registering be sure to click on the Blue Register box at the top of the list to register for individual sessions.



Available Training:




Click on the link below to view video highlights from a recent session:

Speed & Agility Video



Speed and Agility Sessions by Coach Steve Barth are now being offered:

Steve Barth is a graduate of SUNY Buffalo with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science /Athletic Training in 1997. He received his Master’s Degree in Physical therapy from SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn in 2001. He has 25 years of clinical experience and holds several professional licenses and certifications as a Physical Therapist, Certified Athletic Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Performance Enhancement Specialist as well as a Certified Yoga Instructor.

Steve is currently the Regional Clinical Director of Physical Therapy at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy in Staten Island. Steve started his career as a student Athletic Trainer for the University at Buffalo Division 1 Women’s Soccer program as well as the SUNY Buffalo Bulls Division 1 Football Team.  Upon graduation he began his clinical experience with HealthSouth Physical Therapy where he served as Head Athletic Trainer for the Staten Island Vipers, a Division A professional soccer team from 1997-2000. Steve has worked as an Athletic Trainer/ Physical Therapist for numerous High School athletic programs in the Staten Island/ Brooklyn area for over 2 decades.

Steve’s work as a Sports Physical Therapist and Strength Coach is in the rehabilitation and strength and conditioning of young athletes of all sports, including high school and college athletes, and many professional athletes.  He has trained all levels of Athletes in Sports Performance to build the foundations of mobility, stability and strength to improve the power speed, agility and skills required to achieve the highest level of athletic ability.

Steve specializes in performing musclo-skeletal evaluations and assessing functional human movement. He takes a functional approach to rehabilitation and training, correcting, restoring and strengthening movement patterns used in sports and everyday life functions. He understands how the body moves functionally and can detect and correct poor movement patterns that can lead to injury and poor athletic performance. Steve’s study of Human Performance and overall health and wellness includes proper nutrition, recovery, mindset, and the lifestyle habits and discipline necessary to perform at optimal levels.  His extensive knowledge, wisdom and experience in these areas has enabled him to design the most comprehensive athletic performance and rehabilitation programs for his patients and athletes.  These programs encompass the qualities needed to be the Complete Athlete. His focus as a coach is to educate, empower, instruct and inspire many young athletes to maximize their human potential on and off the field.


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